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Entity: Log



Find system log records matching specified criteria NOTE: To query within a project (specifying p param. below), the calling user must be a project admin on that project.

Parameters (8)

Name Type Description
s string Exact match for source field value
st string Start date - only include records created on or after this date/time
end string End date - only include records created BEFORE this date/time
p string ID or unix name for the project to match
u string ID or unix name for the user to match
p1 string Exact match for param1 field value
p2 string Exact match for param2 field value
p3 string Exact match for param3 field value
Use the sort_field and sort_dir parameters to control the order in which records are returned.
Use the page_size and page_num parameters to control the set of records returned.

Return: \SystemLogBasic[]

Zero or more records matching the criteria



Create a new log record. Log records cannot be updated, only created or deleted.

Parameters (1)

Name Type Description
request \RequestParameters

Return: void