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Entity: Monitor



Search for monitors given a parameters combination of: section, refId and user

Parameters (1)

Name Type Description
request \mvcnphp\RequestParameters
Use the sort_field and sort_dir parameters to control the order in which records are returned.
Use the page_size and page_num parameters to control the set of records returned.

Return: \gforge\core\models\api\MonitorBasic

Zero or more MonitorBasic records

Name Type Description
section string Type of the monitored object
refId int Id of object monitored
user \gforge\core\models\api\UserBasic

Example 1

Retrieve monitors for the specified wiki page:
  GET http://api.mygforge.tld/monitor/?section=wiki&refId=227

    paging: {
        page_size: 20,
        page_num: 1,
        sort_field: "id",
        sort_dir: "asc"
    items: [
            section: "wiki",
            refId: 227,
            user: {
                id: 8388,
                unixName: "someuser",
                password: null,
                firstname: "John",
                lastname: "Doe",
                email: "jdoe@gforgegroup.com",
                timezone: "America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires",
                status: 1,
                externalId: null,
                isGroup: "N",
                ccode: "AR",
                language: "en",
                theme: 1,
                img_url: "/api/user/jdoe/avatar",
                html_url: "/#/user/jdoe",
                details_url: "/api/user/jdoe/details",
                isSiteAdmin: true,
                api_url: "/api/user/jdoe"
    links: [




Sets a monitor on a given entity for a given user

Parameters (1)

Name Type Description
request \mvcnphp\RequestParameters

Return: \api\MonitorBasic

No return type is defined



Deletes monitor object

Parameters (1)

Name Type Description
mixed True one was created. If the request is not valid, a list of the validation errors

Return: (none)

No return type is defined