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Entity: Tag



Searches for tags matching criteria, or retrieves tags by section and reference ID.

Parameters (1)

Name Type Description
request \mvcnphp\RequestParameters
Use the sort_field and sort_dir parameters to control the order in which records are returned.
Use the page_size and page_num parameters to control the set of records returned.

Return: \gforge\core\models\api\TagBasic

Zero or more TagBasic records.

Name Type Description
id int Id of associated object
section string Type of the associated object
refId int Id of object associated with this activity log
tagName string Name of the tag

Example 1

Find the tags matching the section "trackeritem"
  GET http://gforge.api/tag?section=trackeritem

Example 2

Get all tags with the section "trackeritem" and the refId 1001
  GET http://gforge.api/tag/trackeritem/1001


POST is not available



Creates a series of tag on a given objet

Parameters (1)

Name Type Description
request \mvcnphp\RequestParameters

Return: array

No return type is defined

Example 1

Create a new tag
  PUT http://gforge.api/tag/section/1

  {"tags": "tag1,tag2,tag3"}


DELETE is not available